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People come to Npower when they need help educating their team, strengthening the skills of their colleagues, and creating a dynamic strategy for their future.

I’m Karyn Nishimura Sneath. Npower is my vehicle for doing the work I love. My clients are manager-leaders, volunteer-leaders, emerging and established leaders … anyone chosen or elected to their position. I believe everyone’s a leader – most of us just don’t have a title behind our names.

Empowerment started as a buzz word but it’s a concept that truly exemplifies what I do and enjoy. It’s about strengthening and transforming people so they can in turn, do good for others.

Clients and colleagues come to Npower when they need help with strategic planning and leadership development initiatives. They call when they need board and leadership development sessions for their members. They call when they feel their team needs a good dose of skills and information to be the best they can be in their paying and volunteer jobs.

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