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The two most popular profiles are the DiSC® Classic and the Team Dimensions Profile®. Npower clients have used them in board development sessions, volunteer/staff retreats, conferences, conventions, train-the-trainer sessions, employee training, and team conflict management sessions!

DiSC® Classic

The foundation of personal and professional success lies in understanding yourself, understanding others, and realizing the impact of personal behavior on others. For nearly thirty years, the DiSC® Classic for over 30 million people through its DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior learning approach.

The profile provides you with a rich, individualized 23-page report. Very quickly you will see what leadership strengths you have, the motivations for your work, and work habits. It will help you understand why you work best with some team members and struggle with others. The report also provides you with unique insights to help you become more effective.

everything-disc-authorized-partnerA supplementary and extremely useful team resource is the Group Culture Report. This document highlights the group dynamics and overall group health of a team. This tool can be used as the basis for understanding conflict, effectiveness, and cohesion.

“Karyn Sneath brings a mix of energy and expertise to strategic planning and the DiSC instrument. Her coaching allowed our team to better understand each other and our organization. We left with a better understanding of how to approach colleagues and how to improve our work environment. Karyn is approachable, creative and flexible. She listened to our needs, while providing guidance to enhance the experience.
– Ellen Shertzer, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity


Team Dimensions Profile®

Successful team members don’t do the same thing at the same time. They do the right thing at the right time. And while team members work together toward a common goal, individuals still must play their individual roles in the process. As organizations rely more and more on teams to innovate, problem solve, produce, and compete at the speed of change, clearly understanding and capitalizing on individual approaches to group processes is the bottom line on creating high performance teams.

We use this profile frequently for strategic planning teams as well as brand new teams coming together to discuss roles, responsibilities, expectations, and team effectiveness.

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