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The Past

They say “there’s an association for everything!” We love working with associations because each focuses on meeting the needs of their specific membership/industry and we get to learn a little about a lot of different organizations. We’ve facilitated programs with a wide variety of associations from osteopathic family physicians, to consumer affairs professionals, to lawyers and judges, to music teachers!

While the majority of Npower clients are associations, we’ve partnered with a number of corporate clients. Npower has served smaller companies such as Connect, Kinney Group, and SteadyServ, as well as larger institutions such as Bank of America, Procter & Gamble, and Motorola.

To date, I have partnered with 101 associations and corporations, 49 inter/national fraternal organizations, and 65 colleges and universities.


Karyn Nishimura SneathThe Present

Karyn Nishimura Sneath is the CEO of Npower and guides over one dozen facilitators, strategists, consultants, and speakers associated with her consultancy. Since 2000, she has custom-designed and presented over 750 training programs to meet the needs of her clients.

I’ve learn a LOT from my partner/clients. To capture some of that learning, check out the blog entitled Nsights.


The Future

Since most of Npower’s work is custom-designed, fill out the information on the Contact Us page to jump start the collaboration process. We can work from there to develop learning outcomes, discuss the unique dynamics of the participants, and possible dates of engagement.

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