Each year, since 2005, I’ve chosen a theme for the year instead of a New Year’s Resolution. Some friends are choosing an “intention” for the year instead of resolutions as well.

Honestly, this year I wasn’t very inspired. So of course, I crowd sourced! Many thoughtful friends offered their ideas, suggestions, and their own themes. Twenty-eight suggestions later, I was a bit overwhelmed! One friend asked what my themes have been over the course of the last 12 years. I’m missing a few but here’s the run-down:journal2

Attitude of Gratitude
Stress Less
Know Better, Do Better
Right Mindfulness
Decrapify (fun name for decluttering!)
365 Fewer Things
Pinterest Purge
Simple Contentment

I really don’t like to recycle themes but I did notice that happiness and decluttering came back more than once over the years! But, it’s January 3rd and I need to choose!

This year I’m going to stretch my brain a bit. Recently, I read an article in which the author loved lists and wrote down her top 10 cities, meals, books, etc. For her, that was super easy, and quick. But, when pushed to write a list of 20, she had to really reflect and think beyond her easy list.

So, I’m choosing that for my theme. Each month I’m going to document #20Things. It might be 20 lessons, 20 things I’m grateful for, 20 friends I love but don’t see often, 20 ideas from a conference, 20 bad or good habits I have… you get the picture.

The 28 suggestions that friends and colleagues offered up will be put to use! And, I have a cool journal that a good friend gifted me so I have a specific place to capture those reflections.

Happy New Year! Akemashite omedetou!