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The Approach

Npower trainings are always interactive, but not “touchy feely.” We promise people won’t have to hold hands or sing “Kumbaya” during the program! Programs are interactive, meaningful, relevant, and practical.

Facilitating empowering programs is what has kept us in the consulting arena for decades.


Planning for an organization’s future involves more than just creating a mission or vision statement. Strategic planning involves listening to constituents, identifying critical issues, creating a plan for success, and implementing the plan. We will focus on what your members need and want most.

Npower has worked with a variety of corporate, association, and higher education leaders to create dynamic strategic plans. We have also helped clients focus on targeted areas of their company – a mini strategic plan for an operational area (i.e. board development, improving culture, and educational programming).

Team Development & Organizational Culture

Leaders know they get the best out of their coworkers and team members when skills are maximized, talents are deployed, and appreciation is shown for the good work that they do. Team development should be done intentionally with great purpose… and on a regular basis. Team cohesion shouldn’t be serendipitous. Great leaders work hard to bring out the best in individuals and strengthen the entire team.

Whether you need to strengthen and transform your team using a leadership assessment/profile or a series of activities/exercises or merely have meaningful and important dialogue, we will work with you to determine the right approach for your group.

Leadership Development

Npower’s mission is to empower leaders of today and tomorrow.

Great leaders want to continue to grow and become more effective. They also focus on creating a pipeline of future leaders for their organization to keep building on past successes!

Npower training sessions focus on building skills and sharing leadership models and concepts. In the end, we help participants figure out how to put all of that to immediate use. We will work hard to help you and your team members feel smarter, skilled, and more confident as leaders.

90% of Npower’s workshops are custom-designed. However, here is a list of frequently requested topics for facilitation to get started.

The Process

  • Contact Karyn Nishimura Sneath to discuss your needs, the demographics of your participants, and unique characteristics of your organization.
  • Complete a Learning Outcomes Form to capture any thoughts we don’t cover verbally.
  • From there we create a custom-designed program based on our conversations. We set key dates for deliverables and communicate regularly throughout the development of the program.

Learn how to effectively Npower yourself, your team, or your organization...