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Get Out of the Box!
Tired of the same old boring brainstorming sessions? Every organization could use a booster shot of creativity and new ideas. This program will give you several creative thinking and problem solving techniques so you can refresh a tried and true program or develop new ideas that can be implemented immediately. This is a very interactive session so get ready for some innovative thinking!

Building the Best Team
Working to develop a sense of teamwork in your organization is a key responsibility of leadership. This session will provide an overview of the importance of developing your team as a working unit through a series of interactive exercises. These activities aren’t “cute”, they’re constructive. A team at any level of group development can be enhanced through meaningful team building.

Managing Conflict Together
We all have different styles of approaching and managing conflict. Sometimes that style works, sometimes it doesn’t. This session will illustrate the healthy and possibly unhealthy outcomes of conflict. You will also be provided with a good model for overcoming disagreements and conflict. This is a session focusing on effective and healthy communication.

Planned Professional Development: A Commitment to Yourself
“What you do off the job determines how well you do on the job.” Overworked, overwhelmed, and overcommitted? This session shows the value of taking time for you; for improving yourself both personally and professionally. Leave with a process for simplifying your life and renewing yourself professionally.

You, Me and We: Understanding and Appreciating Cultural Diversity
Each of us comes to our organizations with varying experiences, backgrounds, talents, and perspectives. All of these factors shape who we are. This low-risk session will explore the different cultural experiences we have had, challenge our stereotypes and biases, and identify actions each of us takes to create a community in which all people feel like they matter. The session will also provide an opportunity for participants to develop their own plan for the future.

Creating a Motivating Organizational Culture
Overcoming apathy continues to be a challenge for organizational leaders. No matter how many end-of-the-year celebration banquets are planned, certificates of accomplishment are distributed, or personal thank you notes are given to individuals, most leaders face apathy in their organization. What leads to under-participation? How can you motivate others? This session is fun and interactive, providing you with dozens of ideas to implement immediately in your organization.

Balance: Struggling with Juggling Life Responsibilities
Are you excited, exhausted, or just existing? Everyone experiences busy periods but when things become overwhelming, they turn unhealthy. If it’s become increasingly difficult to do everything you want to do, it’s time to look at how you’re balancing your life. Creating a healthy balance of personal and professional activities is critical to your physical and emotional health. This session will help you slow down, accomplish more, and take care of yourself.

Understanding & Maximizing Your Leadership Style
Differing styles in a team can complement – or conflict. This session will give participants an opportunity to identify their leadership style – examining both their strengths as well as weak spots. Several leadership style assessments are available for this session. Participants will learn how to strengthen their own unique style for effective leadership and communication.

Looking Back to the Future
Want to develop a success plan for your organization? Oftentimes the most important step in moving forward is looking backward. Warren Bennis said, “Like the oarsmen, we generally move forward while looking backward, but not until we truly see the past – truly understand it – can we truly move forward and upward.” This session will help you look at the past and its influences on your organization/community today. This will be a first step in developing plans for the future.

Living a Life of Integrity
Organizational values might be explicit, documented in annual reports, marketing brochures, and mission statements. Other times values are just implicit, unsaid but understood principles. What are the personal values influencing your workstyle and expectations of others? What are those core principles which define you as a leader? This session will help you discuss and identify key leadership values and as well as practice ethical, values-based decisions. Vigilant adherence to core values is a daily challenge – be prepared to put your values into action.

Generational Differences
Whether you are part of the Mature, Boomer, X, or Millennial Generation, you have something unique to contribute to your organization. However, some of the differences in values, perspectives, and experiences between the generations can cause a lot of tension. This session is focused on the qualities and characteristics of each generation, maximizing the experiences and perspectives of the people in each generation, and moving toward greater understanding.

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